Important Update!!!

Thank you for joing The Revants of the Jedi Order! In Order to maintain a active and successful guild we have created a Vetrillo chat sever. We urge every new member to join Ventrillo and get active in the Guild.  We have all the Information for Ventrillo within the guild description on SWTOR! Keep Playing and Enjoying the game and most of all Stay Active! If you have any addtional toons that you want added to the guild please do not hesitate to ask a guild officer to add them!!

~Xiboke - Vice President ~         4/1/2014


New Facebook page has just been opened!!

Link to where you can get the Ventrilo Chat program:

Feel free to like the Page and Post!!

Power In the Community!!

~Xiboke - Vice President ~

For ALL RAIDS and missions/Flashpoints when it says 12am. It really means it is a all day event so don't be discoruaged that it says 12am. We will not be starting at 12 am sharp so no worries. There is no option or drop down menu to state all day so I am letting you all know now. So please feel free to sign up and when the event comes up who ever is online will do them with you to complete the attendence and guild competition missions.